You want to be the most beautiful on your wedding day? Apart from the hairstyle and makeup, it’s important to think about your silhouette. Going for a LPG ® treatment in preparation to the big event is a winning formula! Beautiful wedding photos that capture the magic of your special day don’t just happen – they take preparation! It goes without saying that in the days leading up to the ceremony, your hair must shine with a healthy luster, your …

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Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?

Henkel cover 077

With the arrival of the summer, most of us are eager for some time off. I’m the first one to acknowledge that a period like this is crucial for the body and the mind. “Summer sun for winter blues” holds especially true here in Quebec. But you should also take this time to think of your future. In my fifteen years as president of my company and now as a dragon on the TV show “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”, I …

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