LPG and the Olympic Games


The reputation of LPG® technology is well-established when it comes to connective tissue, mainly in regards to cellulite and scar treatment. However, many people are unaware of the countless virtues of lipomassageTM and its application in the sporting world. In France, LPG technology is viewed in many disciplines as an essential ally in performance research and injury prevention. Thus, many Olympic athletes at the London games take advantage of LPG treatments as part of their daily training, like Team Marseille …

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LPG and AFME, another success for LPG


Even though LPG, with their LipomassageTM and EndermoliftTM equipment, has demonstrated its effectiveness in the field of aesthetics (cellulite treatment, skin tightening, etc.), it’s with the medical community that they have earned their reputation. From the onset, doctors and from all backgrounds have been promoting the benefits of LPG science, and now the AFME (Association Française de Médecine Esthétique) has finally followed suit, behind organizations such as Health Canada and the FDA, and have approved the quality of LPG products. …

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