10 tips to shine this summer!


                      Here are some tips and tricks to guide and facilitate your summer beauty approach! 1. The essential exfoliation The winter environment has favoured the emergence of additional dead cells layers on our skin. It is, therefore, essential to do a deep exfoliation to remove these dead cells and to oxygenate our skin. For example, the use of the Renaissance ™ glove will energize your skin and prepare it for …

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Summer weight loss objective with LPG


Summer is finally here, but it also means that the swimsuit test is back! To feel proud and beautiful on the beach, we recommend a summer slimming treatment with LPG. First, our LPG experts will determine your body type, allowing them to target specific areas to work on, without loosing those beautiful curves that make your charm. Combined with your age, your weight, your lifestyle and your goals, they will treat each area with a specific protocol in order to …

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