Spotlight on the Huber Motion Lab

Huber Motion Lab

The Huber Motion Lab (HML) is a new equipment representing the latest technology in offering multiple applications in order to improve physical abilities, while reshaping the silhouette and correcting posture. Accessible to all, it only takes a few minutes on the HML to feel the its benefits and to see a real improvement. Whatever your goals, one of the 400 built in exercises will surely enable you to develop a personalized program to ensure your achievement. Beauty application If you …

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7 tips to help you with your workout resolution

7 trucs pour se motiver à l'entraînement

January: The official month of resolutions and fitness! Unfortunately, more than one of two people who adopt a workout program in January tend to abandon it within 6 months. Here are 7 tips that will help you stay motivated for your workout and persevere in your healthy resolutions! 1) Set clear goals First you have to determine what you want to improve. Your health? Your appearance? Your goal will be the basis of your training and will involve different methods …

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