Identify those 19 gems


Below is an animation with 19 different gems. Can you identify all of them?  Precious and semi-precious stones are known for carrying trace elements (also called Micronutriment). That explains why they are often used in anti-aging treatment products. 1. A_ _ _ _ _ _t               2.C_ _ _ _ _e                 3. D_ _ _ _ _d               4.G_ _ _ _t     …

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STEM CELLS DAY-NIGHT CREAM, by Oxygen Botanicals™


What is it? A unique, innovative cream filled with exclusive ingredients to reverse premature aging and shrink large pores, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This magical new formulation reduces the signs of aging, improving the skin’s texture, hydration, tone, firmness and overall quality at the same time. This cream also supplies much-needed oxygen to the skin, which prevents the build-up of keratinization and grants a more efficient circulation, for a healthier and younger looking skin. Why use pure oxygen? The oxygen …

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Batch Serum

Oxygen Botanicals™ stem cells culture extract from red rice is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skin care. Discover the next great advance in modern skin care technology, engineered to recreate a brand new you. Marvel at the miracle and regenerative properties of these stem cells, as they rejuvenate aging skin. By combining stem cells with our other anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants and peptides, CMI can help you realize these amazing cutting-edge products that actually reverse the aging process. Wrinkles, aging …

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