Lipomassage: what you need to know.


What is a Lipomassage™? Lipomassage is a patented slimming technique LPG company. The term refers to a mechanical stimulation that performs a touch-roll massage accompanied by a delicate suction of the skin, which stimulates the adipocytes (fat cells that specialize in the storage of fat and lipids) and fibroblasts (also called “support cells”, fibroblasts are cells of the dermis which ensure consistency and flexibility). This type of stimulation creates a reaction from the fat cells which can then eliminate unwanted …

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5 fruits for a healthy skin.


We all know that fruits are good for our health. But what exactly do they contribute to our body and to our skin? With such a wide variety of fruits on earth, some have more appeal for specific needs. Here, we have made a short list of 5 fruits that are good for your skin.     1- Banana: with their high content in potassium, iron and vitamin B, bananas are a good way get energy and look rested when …

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”Daniele Henkel to go” in 3 questions

DH to go CMYK

”Daniele Henkel to go’‘ is a new concept that brings the Endermolift anti-aging treatments to pharmacies through an exclusive partnership with Uniprix. The co-creators, Daniele Henkel and Linda Mahieddine, have thought about every detail to bring this dermocosmetic technology to a greater audience. What is the concept behind ”Daniele Henkel to go”? A true express, anti-aging and well-being experience, the ”Daniele Henkel to go” concept consists of a semi-open environment installed at participating Uniprix stores in which Endermolift treatments are …

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