Before/After 6 microdermabrasion treatments.


Here are two pictures published on Centre Pur Bonheur Spa & Esthétique Facebook page. The image of the right was taken after 6 microdermabrasion treatments. The women on the picture wanted to look at her best for her wedding. The results are clearly visble when compared with the image on the left, at the beginning of the treatments. The difference in the skin tone is what strikes first: after 6 treatments, the tone is more even, redness disappeared and the entire …

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Education: at the heart of Entreprises Daniele Henkel’s philosophy.


Recognized as one of the best training centers in North America thanks to experienced trainers with exceptional technical and pedagogical knowledge, the Daniele Henkel Academy helps several thousands of specialists improve their skills and maintain a high level of expertise. Broadening skills is indeed at the very heart of Les Entreprises Daniele Henkel’s corporate philosophy. And offering unlimited training to ensure that our partners – whether estheticians or physiotherapists – are able to give the best treatment to every single …

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