My Motivations to Write a Second Book


Au cœur de mes valeurs Dear friends, I have the great pleasure today to share with you the motivations that incited me to take back the pen to write a second book. Quand l’intuition trace la route, my first best-seller, was aimed to share, with those who were interested by my path, where I am from and the reasons why I believe nothing is impossible. This being made, I am now ready to share with you my opinions on more …

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Seminar for F.L.A.M. 30th anniversary.


On november 6th, we invite you to F.L.A.M. seminar celebrating the association of severe burns victims 30th anniversary. The theme of this year’s event: “Severe Burns Victim’s Chronical Pain.” Many activities are being held at the event, one of them being a conference from our vice-president Linda Mahieddine. “Endermothérapie and scar management.”  

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