5 habits to help you manage stress


Oh no! Not the dreadful stress! We all loathe it, but what is it exactly? Stress is our body’s response to  pressure made by the environment. It’s a physical reaction to an external stimuli. When we feel stressed by something going on around us, our body reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood. This response may be positive. For example: stress can make us more productive. But let’s be honest: even if it’s omnipresent in our modern society, it is …

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3 Things to Know About Cellulite


It appears at puberty, is diet resistant and touches 80% of women… Viewed by many as a real scourge, cellulite is a body condition one needs to learn to live with. Characterized by its visible “orange peel” effect, cellulite is mainly focused on the buttocks area, even if it can also be displayed on the arms and belly. Let’s not panic: cellulite is not dangerous for your health, it is not an illness! What else do we need to know …

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A LIFETIME OF LEARNING Last week I was watching my grandchildren as they headed back to school. They were so lovely to see! With smiles on their faces, they were looking forward to seeing their friends and teachers! They told me how excited they were about getting back to class and learning all sorts of different things: new words to write, highlights of their friends’ vacations, the arrival of a new classmate, and so on. They reminded me of myself …

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5 Tips to Restore Balance after the Holidays


It was predictable. Despite our best intentions, even if we had seen this situation come, we are now facing reality. The holiday season, with its wide range of festivities, its joyful moments spent in pleasant company and its typical laxity, prevailed on our best intentions. Worse still: in a spirit of optimism, we dared to make resolutions for the New Year. We now have to start 2016 the right way, lose the unwanted pounds that we gained during the last …

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