5 Things to Do for an Amazing Buttocks


In many cities around the world, to have pretty buttocks is a major asset that makes people’s heads turn. Some are born under a lucky star. According to the media, Hollywood celebrities, pop stars and some elite members come from a distinctive pack that has a dream figure. However, the truth behind their enviable behinds often takes more discipline than the magic of a fairy godmother. So cheer up! Although every person has a unique body, often far from the …

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As a professional coach and mentor, I often hear justifications for failure, like: “I could have succeeded, but I do not have the right skin color”, or “I had everything I needed except for professional contacts, so it was impossible to achieve”. In my humble opinion, these are only excuses that we blindly believe because we have been taught to fear. Are we not authentic and exceptional enough to dismiss those excuses and go forward with our goals? I believe …

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Once Upon a Time… Daniele Henkel Inc.


Chapter 1: The First 10 Years  1997: Modest Beginnings It all began with a simple idea. Upon her arrival in Canada in January 1990, Danièle Henkel quickly noted that a product that she used in Algeria, her native country, could not be found here: an exfoliating glove that she could not do without! Used since the dawn of times in traditional Mediterranean hammams, the exfoliating glove is the very first step to any beauty routine. Before applying anything on the …

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