A chocolate heart for Easter!

For many, Easter is one of the most important celebration of the year, especially for Christians. For them, it is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, and for atheists, it marks the beginning of spring. One thing is for sure, for many of us Easter is a time to rejoice with our family. On that occasion, we decorate eggs and bunnies with pastel colors, we hunt Easter eggs in our backyards, and we eat chocolate…  In short, there are multiple reasons …

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Body Endermologie® vs Facial Endermologie®

Style: "70's look"

Endermologie is a mechanical cell stimulation technique designed and patented by LPG®, given by certified specialists using high-tech devices. Essentially, this technique uses a slight suction to grasp the skin fold, to roll and unroll it smoothly. This mechanical grasping-rolling massage helps revive the blood flow of the treated area, the lymphatic drainage, the lipolysis, and the production of collagen and elastin. It facilitate the elimination of excess fat, while toning and firming the skin. The body is thinned and …

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This is a translation of a Word from the President written by Danièle Henkel. To read its original version in french, click here. Have you noticed, dear friends, how many books, conferences and therapies touch on the subject of fear, and more particularly how to vanquish this basic emotion? A quick search and you will find that there are as many webpages and blogs about happiness as there are about fear. It illustrates a broader point; we haven’t yet completely …

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