A chocolate heart for Easter!

For many, Easter is one of the most important celebration of the year, especially for Christians. For them, it is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, and for atheists, it marks the beginning of spring. One thing is for sure, for many of us Easter is a time to rejoice with our family. On that occasion, we decorate eggs and bunnies with pastel colors, we hunt Easter eggs in our backyards, and we eat chocolate…  In short, there are multiple reasons and ways to celebrate this time of year!

Although these festivities lift our spirit, some of us fear the impact on their waistline and on their general well-being. However, we think that it is best to focus on the bright side and enjoy life! That is why we present you these 5 benefits associated with moderated high quality chocolate consumption.

Chocolate Reduces Stress. Does it surprise you? For those who associate the sweet taste of chocolate with nervous stimulation, know that it is rich in magnesium. Indeed, dark and milk chocolate contain respectively 112 mg and 60 mg of magnesium per 100 g. A large number of studies confirm that said mineral is a major factor in the prevention of negative stress impacts.



It is Good for Cholesterol. Chocolate and cacao can protect the body from bad cholesterol. Thanks to flavonoids and their antioxidant properties, they reduce bad cholesterol and improve the production of good cholesterol. The vitamin B3 contained in chocolate also decreases artery clogging.



Rich in Antioxidants. In comparison, cacao’s antioxidants would be 4 to 5 times higher than black tea, 2 to 3 times higher than green tea, and twice as high than wine. Chocolate antioxidants are essential allies to your health. They fight the harmful impacts of free radicals and they prevent many diseases: cancer, cardiovascular disorders, infections, etc.



services_th_tension-arterielleIt Reduces Blood Pressure. High quality chocolate generally contains flavonoids. These nutriments help blood vessels dilation, which decreases tension. Of course, for people with a hypertension condition, eating chocolate cannot be a solution to reduce high blood pressure. We recommend that you favor dark chocolate with 70% cacao, and integrate it in a healthy lifestyle.



It Brings People Together. An undeniable quality that has psychological benefits! Children love it, and adults indulge it. Some even say that if 9 out of 10 people like chocolate, then the tenth person is lying! Give chocolate and enjoy it for yourself; it is an ally to anyone enjoying life and for whom gluttony is synonym of pleasure. Melted, mould, sculpted or wrapped, sharing chocolate is a well renowned attention!


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