A simple and efficient beauty routine to start a day


Gel cleanser, moisturizer and protective cream, the morning beauty routine sometimes seems long but it is essential to the health of your skin. Even if waking up can be difficult, one must take the time to develop these good beauty habits to have a radiant face.

The sun, pollution, heat and cold are all elements of your daily routine that can affect the epidermis. Here are 3 steps to do to look good all day.

First step of your beauty routine: cleaning

Cleansing the skin in the morning can remove excess makeup residue from the day before, or eliminate excess oil accumulated overnight.

In terms of classic skincare, a facial cleansing gel is sufficient. But it is better to clean your skin with micellar water, which is a formula without soap or alcohol. Micellar water contains particles (micelles) that capture all of the impurities of the face, that do not encumber the pores since they slide in contact with the skin.

And to complete the cleansing, one should also think of doing a scrub once or twice a week. The goal is to eliminate dead cells and to deepen the pores on your face.

Optional step: the serum

The use of a serum changes according to people’s choice of time and desire. However, it is preferable to use a serum adapted to your skin type. This one will then multiply ten times the effects of a moisturizing cream and revive the epidermis. Multiple serums exist for wrinkles, old spots, redness, or for dilated pores.

To optimize the effects of the serum, one must have moist and clean skin. A few drops are enough, just make sure to impregnate it in the skin by patting with your fingers.

Second step of the beauty routine: hydration

To make sure you have radiant skin, select a moisturizer for your skin type.

For normal skin, a light cream will suffice to ensure suppleness and hydration. On the other hand, for mixed to oily skins, one should opt for a matifying cream that controls the shine. And finally, the dry and sensitive skins, they should stick to a richer cream that will ensure the decongestion of fat molecules.

Step three of the beauty routine: protection

Regardless of the season, it is necessary to protect oneself from the rays of the sun which attack the skin and tend to make it age faster.

During cooler seasons with little sunlight, a sunscreen with a low index (15 FPS) is sufficient. On the other hand, in summer, when the ultraviolet rays are more aggressive, the index must be higher, namely between 30 and 50FPS.

Once all of these steps are taken, your face is finally ready to face the day. It is important to note that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle also contribute to the health of your skin. Now tell us, what is your beauty routine?


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