As a professional, you probably use the services of your own bank or loan institution to finance your investment projects. However, be aware that we have relationships with financial firms that support the development of our clients’ businesses. These partners can often facilitate the acquisition of equipment that is unique to the medical-aesthetic world.

With these agreements, we might also be able to make it easier for you to acquire startup capital at particularly attractive rates.

Our market experience enables us to help you calculate the return on your investment and the profitability of your new equipment, thereby assisting in the development of your business plan. To meet the expectations of your financial situation, the proposed formulas will calculate your funding needs on a 36-, 48- or 60-month basis; this will also help you get a faster response to your request, often within one week.

Daniele Henkel Enterprises also maintains a close partnership with MediCard, which can offer financing to your customers for treatments performed within a cosmetic or therapeutic environment.