Oxygen Botanicals™

Dozens of biomolecular engineering researchers have contributed to the development this Canadian product line’s key innovation: the managed ability to trap and stabilize a chemical-free derivative of pure oxygen – a natural agent known to be gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. The effectiveness of this formulation, available for all the skin care products in the Oxygen Botanicals family, cannot be matched by any other brand.

The public demand for peeling, Botox injections or rejuvenating treatments continues to rise; consequently the wide range of Oxygen Botanicals products provide an excellent choice for after-care treatments that help renew skin cells and accelerate wound healing and revitalization.

Because of the developmental process at the heart of all Oxygen Botanicals products, the DNA of skin cells can be revived in as little as 30 days, making this product line one of the most effective anti-aging collections in existence. The results are remarkable when treating rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne, and all other chronic diseases of the skin.

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