A well-maintained unit is your best guarantee of success!

Our expert technicians, trained by the brand partners we represent, are always available to meet your expectations in even the most urgent situations. In addition to interventions upon request, this service also includes annual preventive maintenance procedures for all your equipment. With a simple phone call, our specialists can also work remotely to resolve any anomaly or malfunction. We always use genuine parts, and all our work is guaranteed for 90 days.


All new equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor for one year. Our technical department also offers a Premium Guarantee extended warranty of 1 or 2 years. This includes additional services such as unrestricted mobility, two preventive maintenance checkups (1 per year), free replacement of consumables such as certain filters and valves, or a complete head replacement in the case of equipment failure.

Annual preventive maintenance

This is an annual maintenance procedure designed to prevent any failure or malfunction that could damage the resulting quality of your work. In addition to the cleaning of all parts, maintenance also involves an extensive array of tests as well as the replacement of defective components. Preventive maintenance is included in the Premium Guarantee 2-year warranty package.

Our technical service department offers telephone assistance with 24h/ 7-day coverage.

Toll-free number: 1-877-585-3116