A leading provider of medical aesthetic solutions, Viora’s non-invasive and minimally invasive products treat a wide range of symptoms and are the perfect solutions to address today’s most commonly requested treatments, such as skin tightening, body & facial contouring, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne clearance, skin resurfacing, stretch mark reduction, hair removal, skin lightening and more.

Viora have produced innovative, proprietary technologies such as CORE, SVC™ and PCR™. These technologies have revolutionized non-invasive treatments to improve control and increase opportunity for practitioners, while enhancing patient experience.

Viora’s products include the V-Series multi-technology platforms (V30 & V20) with light & RF technologies; V-touch with fractional RF integrating SVC™; Reaction with multi-frequency bi-polar RF CORE technology; Infusion for electromesotherapy trans-dermal delivery; Trios with IPL technology and, Pristine, crystal free microdermabrasion device.

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