Trust, a Rare Asset


**this is a translation of a message written by our president Danièle Henkel. To read the original version in french, click here.** Dear friends, today is the 6th edition of the International Day of Trust and I had the honour to be appointed 2015 Business personality who reflects the most confidence to Quebecers! First, I would like to take a moment to thank you all for this important recognition! Please know that it is a reciprocal feeling because I have …

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This is a translation of a Word from the President written by Danièle Henkel. To read its original version in french, click here. Have you noticed, dear friends, how many books, conferences and therapies touch on the subject of fear, and more particularly how to vanquish this basic emotion? A quick search and you will find that there are as many webpages and blogs about happiness as there are about fear. It illustrates a broader point; we haven’t yet completely …

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As a professional coach and mentor, I often hear justifications for failure, like: “I could have succeeded, but I do not have the right skin color”, or “I had everything I needed except for professional contacts, so it was impossible to achieve”. In my humble opinion, these are only excuses that we blindly believe because we have been taught to fear. Are we not authentic and exceptional enough to dismiss those excuses and go forward with our goals? I believe …

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A LIFETIME OF LEARNING Last week I was watching my grandchildren as they headed back to school. They were so lovely to see! With smiles on their faces, they were looking forward to seeing their friends and teachers! They told me how excited they were about getting back to class and learning all sorts of different things: new words to write, highlights of their friends’ vacations, the arrival of a new classmate, and so on. They reminded me of myself …

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My Motivations to Write a Second Book


Au cœur de mes valeurs Dear friends, I have the great pleasure today to share with you the motivations that incited me to take back the pen to write a second book. Quand l’intuition trace la route, my first best-seller, was aimed to share, with those who were interested by my path, where I am from and the reasons why I believe nothing is impossible. This being made, I am now ready to share with you my opinions on more …

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Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?

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With the arrival of the summer, most of us are eager for some time off. I’m the first one to acknowledge that a period like this is crucial for the body and the mind. “Summer sun for winter blues” holds especially true here in Quebec. But you should also take this time to think of your future. In my fifteen years as president of my company and now as a dragon on the TV show “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”, I …

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