A simple and efficient beauty routine to start a day

Gel cleanser, moisturizer and protective cream, the morning beauty routine sometimes seems long but it is essential to the health of your skin. Even if waking up can be difficult, one must take the time to develop these good beauty habits to have a radiant face. The sun, pollution, heat and cold are all elements of your daily routine that can affect the epidermis. Here are 3 steps to do to look good all day. First step of your beauty …

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How to rejuvenate the cleavage

A fragile zone Cleavage is, like the hands, the first place that betrays the age of women. The skin around this area of the body is particularly thin and tends to wrinkle more easily. What is the cause? The skin around the neck area and on the cleavage contains very few sebaceous glands, which are responsible for naturally lubricating and protecting the skin. Hence, the skin will loosen quicker than facial skin for example. Aging results in skin refinement, veining …

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Taking care of your body for the arrival of brighter days

With spring comes the cravings for renewal. One might think, amongst other things, of house cleaning, sorting out winter stuff, but also of returning to a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to get back in shape and get ready for the beautiful days ahead! To do that, you have to know how to take care of your body, both inside and out. Here are some practical tips you can implement as of right now.   1. Taking care of your body …

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SÉMINAIRE POUR L’INDUSTRIE MÉDICO-ESTHÉTIQUE VILLE DE QUÉBEC, 24 OCTOBRE 2016 NE MANQUEZ PAS CETTE OPPORTUNITE ! VOUS ALLEZ APPRENDRE COMMENT :  ✓      MAXIMISER VOS RÉSULTATS ✓      AUGMENTER VOS REVENUS ✓      OBTENIR UNE CLIENTÈLE FIDÈLE Au cours de ce séminaire, vous allez apprendre des solutions pour faire grandir votre entreprise. Non seulement vous allez bénéficier du retour d’expérience d’une experte de l’industrie médico-esthétique, vous allez également découvrir les derniers équipements de marques aussi internationalement réputées …

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Danièle Henkel en conférence à Thetford Mines.


Le mercredi 5 octobre prochain, la SADC de l’Amiante organise la 32e édition de son activité annuelle. Une dégustation de fromages vous sera servie de 17 h à 19 h, suivie d’une conférence. Notre invitée cette année est madame Danièle Henkel, connue pour ses talents d’entrepreneure et sa participation à l’émission Dans l’œil du dragon. Pour vous procurer un billet, visitez le site de la SADC de l’Amiante: http://www.sadcamiante.com/actualite-75-activite-annuelle-de-la-sadc-de-l-amiante.php

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Resuming Oxygen Botanicals products distribution.


Dear customers and partners, We are proud today to announce that Daniele Henkel Inc. is bringing the Oxygen Botanicals products back in its distribution catalogue. Most of our customers have already learned the good news via internal commuication. Do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-585-3116 if you have questions on that matter. This is not a new addition to Daniele Henkel inc’s activities. In fact, we have distributed the Oxygen Botanicals products for 17 years already. The partnership between …

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Tournoi de golf RGAQ


Vous êtes cordialement invités à profiter d’une superbe belle journée d’activité dans un cadre enchanteur le 11 août prochain. Le prestigieux CLUB DE GOLF HILLSDALE est fier de vous recevoir dans ses installations. Venez-vous détendre en bonne compagnie a la 3eédition du Tournoi de golf du Réseau des gens d’affaires du Québec (RGAQ).Cet évènement se déroulera sous la présidence d’honneur de Mme Danièle Henkel, présidente et fondatrice des Entreprises Danièle Henkel.  Notre tournoi de golf se déroulera dans un environnement …

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New and improved: here is www.renaissance-glove.com


Store managers know it as a fact: to maintain customers, it is important to renew your shop windows each quarter. This is also true with online stores. But the internet presents an extra challenge: retailers must also ensure that the technology of the site is current and consistent with usage patterns of users. For example, on our site Renaissance-glove.com, we gladly found out that we are at the stage where 50% of visitors use a mobile device (cell phone, tablet), against less than 20% it …

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Danièle Henkel invests to promote Quebec’s medical-aesthetic industry

Danièle Henkel, Québec’s renowned investment ambassador, is reiterating her commitment to support entrepreneurs by launching a call for executive candidates in the medical-aesthetic industry (beauty and therapeutic centres, spas and medicinal spas) in order to financially support their development project. Ambitious industry entrepreneurs have until July 13th to submit their application for a chance to work with one of Québec’s most sought-after business partners! THE CONCEPT? Danièle Henkel, whose entrepreneurial flair has been proven time and time again since she …

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SAVE THE DATE! June 20, 2016 10 am to 1 pm Admission is free, register before June 7, 2016! You will learn how to: –       Maximize Your Results –       Increase Your Revenue –       Increase Your Customers Loyalty CROSS-SELLING AND CUSTOMER RETENTION SOLUTIONS Speaker Linda Mahieddine, Vice-president of Daniele Henkel inc. Creator of Daniele Henkel Academy and co-founder of Daniele Henkel to go franchise, which has more than 80 locations. Linda is a renowned specialist in the medical aesthetic industry with more …

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