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Must we still suffer to be beautiful or handsome? Can eating right preserve our wellbeing? Do seniors have to resign themselves to the aging process? Ritalin: Is this the only way to treat hyperactivity? Should we remain constrained by the legacy of a particular surgical procedure? Should we resign ourselves to sagging skin or persistent cellulite? Finding a harmonious body and a glowing complexion: Is it very expensive? The answer to all these questions is NO.

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Excess weight and obesity

Obesity is now recognized as a sign of our times. As a familiar contemporary social phenomenon, it has become a common scourge in most developed countries, and particularly in North America. Canada is no exception to this trend.

The negative habits and lifestyle of the average Canadian regarding health are clearly demonstrated in the findings of the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS), which confirms that two-thirds of all adults and one-quarter of children studied are either overweight or obese. Moreover, it is common to find that even the most severe diets and exercise regimes cannot overcome the persistent obstacles associated with excessive weight. The appearance of bulges only adds to the negative appeal that morbid obesity generates.

In response to these challenges, non-surgical methods have been developed that are particularly effective not only for your weight loss plan but also for harmoniously reshaping your body.


Lipomassage™ by Endermologie®

Despite regular exercise and diet, the body will continue to store fat in certain areas. Lipomassage, a technique derived from Endermologie, probably the most prevalent in the world for over 25 years, is an effective solution to the problem of localized fat and sagging skin. It is now possible to slim and reshape your figure quickly and sustainably – without surgery – in just a few sessions.



Developed in collaboration with physicians, clinicians and researchers worldwide, the renowned Viora ReactionTM system is the first to use patented multichannel CORE technology. Combined with controlled suction, this system optimizes the penetration of RF energy in the treatment area. This resulting increase in blood flow causes stimulation of the lymphatic drainage glands and a reduction in the volume of fat cells.


Huber® Motion Lab

The health of the deep muscles in our backs has a major impact on our posture, physical abilities and performance. Back muscle health affects our ability to sculpt our figures, and is also an important factor in keeping us from gaining excess weight. The Huber Motion Lab is the only system capable of strengthening the core muscles of the spinal column. The benefits of having a well-conditioned back are much more beneficial than they may appear initially; indeed this is the first prerequisite for establishing and maintaining a flat stomach and tiny waist. For men in particular, a muscular back will counteract the appearance of a drooping tummy and even the dreaded love handles.