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Must we still suffer to be beautiful or handsome? Can eating right preserve our wellbeing? Do seniors have to resign themselves to the aging process? Ritalin: Is this the only way to treat hyperactivity? Should we remain constrained by the legacy of a particular surgical procedure? Should we resign ourselves to sagging skin or persistent cellulite? Finding a harmonious body and a glowing complexion: Is it very expensive? The answer to all these questions is NO.

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Wellness below the skinWellness above the skin

From amateurs to elite athletes

For training, endurance preparation, performance or post-trauma competitions …

From the informed amateur to the top-rated, perfection-oriented athletes…

LPG techniques can assist you in your quest for excellence by taking direct responsibility for improving the condition of your joints (and column members, motor muscles, micro-movements), circulation (lymph, blood, transit, nerves, energy, hormones, water) and exchange (cells, metabolism, nutrition, growth, respiration, regeneration).

LPG, in partnership with the greatest champions

From golf to hockey, cycling to auto racing and swimming, many of the biggest names in the athletic community have chosen LPG techniques to accelerate their performance…

Zinedine Zidane, World Champion soccer player and Vice-World Champion rugby player for France’s national team…
Benjamin Landier, crowned Handisport World Champion for his sport in Beijing in September 2011, who has since teamed up with France for swimming and skiing…
Brian Joubert, World Champion figure skater….
Bruny Surin, holder of seven Canadian Commemorative titles, two consecutive World titles and two Silver Medals at the World Championships in the 100-metre Competition, including an Olympic Gold Medal, is also LPG’s official Canadian spokesman.


The LPG Cellu M6 makes it easy to fully relieve muscle pain and then rehabilitate it. The affected area quickly regains its strength and flexibility, making it easier to prepare for exercise or to simply recover more quickly. Gestures become more powerful and accurate while involving a minimal expenditure of energy. The LPG technique is applied quickly and effectively to aches (which might appear as much as several days after the completion of the exercise regime); muscle contractures that are typically associated with a sport; and also muscle preparation and performance optimization. The technique is well known for the remarkable effects shown during the recovery of athletes and the treatment of muscular injuries throughout the healing process.


Huber® Motion Lab

This unique technology draws on recent studies on the “feedforward” phenomenon (i.e., the nervous system’s innate ability to anticipate movement), used by many of the most prestigious centers for the treatment of back and movement disorders and the training of athletes. The system allows for rapid improvements in terms of physical ability, sculpting the figure, correcting posture, refining the precision of movement, or simply for regaining balance. The training period becomes fun and more precision-oriented. The athlete gains in the development of speed, strength and precision, even as they expend less energy, due mainly to the system’s resulting penetrating muscular sheathing effect. Huber Motion Lab represents a veritable laboratory of human movement.