Get your legs ready for summer!


After a long winter, spring is finally at our door rewarding us with some beautiful sunny days. And with the excitement of the warm season comes the anticipation of finally being able to swap those colorless winter clothes for those beautiful and colorful ones!

But still, there is no need to rush since spring is also the perfect moment to be proactive and prepare our legs for summer. So what can you do to have beautiful legs to show off? Here are some tips for you!



The first tip is, of course, to exercise. You need to define the areas that you want to work on and adopt an exercise routine that will target them. Of course, you also need to keep in mind that no changes are magical and that consistency will provide the best results. A professional trainer can help you keep your motivation, as well as creating the training program that will suit you best depending on your needs.


You can also consult a beauty specialist in one of Daniele Henkel’s client center to try Endermologie® body treatments, where one of our LPG trained specialist will establish your treatment program based on your objectives: fat release, smoothing, firming and reshaping stubborn areas. You can use our center locator to find a center near you:

And finally, continue your exercise routine at home. With our busy lifestyle, it might be hard to include a visit to the gym or to our beauty center regularly.  But since consistency is your best ally, including a daily training routine at home can be the key to get that silhouette ready on time for summer!

Here are suggestions of some efficient exercises that you can do at home: Squats with arms front, lunges, calf raise, triangle pose and the tree pose. You can click here for instructions:




Using the adequate products

Give your body a little help by using products that will stimulate your metabolism and enhance the efficiency of your exercises. In addition to a healthy and active lifestyle, these products can quickly show great results:


  • Smoothing Anti-Dimple Complex from LPG®: Enhanced with the exclusive LPG® complex, this rich emulsion smoothes cellulite’s appearance, and its Bodyfit® technology promotes fat release and prevent the development of new fat cells.
  • Light Legs Mist from LPG®: With its toning complex, this fresh spray activates superficial microcirculation and reinforces vein walls to diminish the heavy legs sensation. This action is reinforced by a red algae extract which has toning, decongestant and relaxing properties.




Adopt a balanced diet

Instead of adopting short term slimming diets that plays with your weight like a yo-yo, we recommend that you choose a healthy long term diet rich in fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet will definitely bring improvement not only on your waist, but on your legs too! Some fruits and vegetables have some specific helpful virtues:


Onion: Fights toxins, stimulates digestion and lowers blood sugar levels.
Leek: Rich in vitamins A, C, E and low calories, it washes away all the stocked toxins in your body due to overeating.
Green tea: Diminishes water retention and prevent fat cell formation.
Celery: Activates the metabolism which will then eliminate toxins.
Cabbage: Diminishes water retention.
Pepper: With its diuretic and toning properties, it helps the body eliminating sugar and fat cells.
Pineapple: A delicious draining fruit.


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