How to rejuvenate the cleavage


A fragile zone

Cleavage is, like the hands, the first place that betrays the age of women. The skin around this area of the body is particularly thin and tends to wrinkle more easily.

What is the cause?

The skin around the neck area and on the cleavage contains very few sebaceous glands, which are responsible for naturally lubricating and protecting the skin. Hence, the skin will loosen quicker than facial skin for example.

Aging results in skin refinement, veining and brown spots.

The cleavage area is often an area of the body that is neglected. We often think of the face, the tonicity of the buttocks or the legs, we often forget to take care of the neck and cleavage area. Changes in temperature, seasons and exposure to the sun make this area vulnerable and the first wrinkles form, as well as redness.

How to rejuvenate the neck and cleavage area?

Yes it is possible! From day to day gestures to medico-aesthetic solutions, different solutions exist to take care of this skin area and to rejuvenate it.

Daily care

As soon as you enter adulthood, a few rituals will suffice to keep your skin soft and toned:

  • In the morning: gently exfoliate the area of neck and cleavage area, then apply a moisturizer if your skin is normal or an anti-wrinkle cream if your skin is wrinkled, by making circular movements from the bottom up. In addition, it is strongly advised to apply a sunscreen, to prevent the effects of UV rays
  • In the evening: apply your richest cream to deeply moisturize your epidermis during your sleep.
  • Apply a regenerative mask once a week on the neck and cleavage area to fight the effects of time.
  • Stand straight: yes! The posture is an important factor not only for your back but also for the skin around your neck and cleavage area.
  • Play sports: in addition to sports such as badminton, tennis, etc., you can improvise board exercises at the pool or push-ups at home. These exercises, in addition to toning your entire body, tone your chest.
  • Do targeted exercises: for example, put your right hand over your left ear, passing your arm over your head, then gently turn your head to the left. Then hold down the pressure for a few seconds, then release. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Medical-aesthetic solutions

Medico-aesthetic solutions exist if traces of time are already permanently installed. The traditional facelift is not the only option.

For wrinkles and sagging skin, the key is to stimulate the production of collagen. Different techniques exist, such as radiofrequency, micro-needles with a fractionated CO2 laser (microholes in the skin) or focused ultrasound and infrared, which in turn heat the skin deeply.

Daniele Henkel Treatments

Daniele Henkel Inc. offers a wide range of non-invasive treatments to restore vitality to your cleavage area. Endermology helps you to produce more collagen thanks to a gentle massage. But there are other solutions tailored to each situation and type of skin.

With the Daniele Henkel to Go concept, you are sure to be able to take advantage of our care near you, since they are available in all Uniprix. You can benefit from the latest technology in record time and at your own pace.


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