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Store managers know it as a fact: to maintain customers, it is important to renew your shop windows each quarter. This is also true with online stores.

But the internet presents an extra challenge: retailers must also ensure that the technology of the site is current and consistent with usage patterns of users. For example, on our site, we gladly found out that we are at the stage where 50% of visitors use a mobile device (cell phone, tablet), against less than 20% it there’s only 4 years old! This environment is constantly changing, it is important to adapt to new habits of Internet users.

In this perspective, we reviewed our online platforms. This allowed us to identify opportunities for improvement that we can bring. For example: the shopping experience offered to visitors to the site was too long, consisting of sometimes redundant steps, which were training a dropout rate much too important to be forgotten. That’s why we have made several changes to the website.

Completely redesigned for optimal experience on mobile devices, the site sports a brand new look.

On this site you will find an online store offering a pleasant shopping experience, an exfoliation tutorial and much more!

To discover this new user-friendly interface, click here:


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