It is clear that the current demand for aesthetic care is no longer limited to simple facial hair removal or the treatment of certain imperfections. The field of anti-aging is experiencing exponential growth as customers look for more comprehensive body and facial care treatment methods – especially through non-surgical and minimally-invasive techniques.

The solutions we provide fully meet these expectations and have already contributed greatly to the success of thousands of healthcare centers across North America.


With an increase in demand at 1200% over the last 10 years, North America is probably the area most responsible for the success of healthcare centers that can offer comprehensive care in the field of anti-aging, as well as a decrease in the repetitious treatment of cellulite reduction.

By providing you with advanced technologies, techniques validated by the scientific community, and the benefits of a world-class training program, Daniele Henkel Enterprises offers the opportunity to differentiate yourself significantly from the competition. Your newly-broadened expertise will enable greater retention of customers (even the most fickle ones) and will help you develop an exciting new approach for meeting the real demands of the healthcare market.

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Used in beauty clinics worldwide for over 25 years, LPG is the leader of connective tissue treatment, offering 100% natural solutions for all anti-aging, slimming, firming, and for the treatment of cellulite.

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Developed in collaboration with medical specialists, Viora’s equipment is undoubtedly a cut above the competition in the field of microdermabrasion, photo-rejuvenation, radio-frequency, and injection-free mesotherapy.

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Renaissance Glove™

Unique in its all-natural fiber design, this exfoliation glove is the delight of thousands of women, men and adolescents – as well as professional hair removal clinicians, since it is also renowned for its remarkable effectiveness in preventing or suppressing ingrown hairs.

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LabScience™ Training Center

The Daniele Henkel Academy has trained over 3,000 professionals and is ranked among the best in the world, not only by the partners whose brands we represents, but also by customers across Canada and the United States. We offer both professional- and expert-level instruction, in which each participant’s course work is validated by a diploma (recognized by the Quebec government) that certifies the level of knowledge and skills attained.

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