Resuming Oxygen Botanicals products distribution.

Dear customers and partners,

We are proud today to announce that Daniele Henkel Inc. is bringing the Oxygen Botanicals products back in its distribution catalogue. Most of our customers have already learned the good news via internal commuication. Do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-585-3116 if you have questions on that matter.

This is not a new addition to Daniele Henkel inc’s activities. In fact, we have distributed the Oxygen Botanicals products for 17 years already. The partnership between the two companies began in 1998. Oxygen Botanicals was the first range of cosmetic products to be distributed by Daniele Henkel inc. This fruitful collaboration enabled both companies to grow and develop through shared philosophies. In 2015, the purchase of Oxygen Botanicals by a third party led to a restructuring of its operations, which brought an end to the original collaboration.

It is with great pleasure that Daniele Henkel inc. takes up where it was left last February. Product quality Oxygen Botanicals is no longer in doubt. Made from non-chemical pure oxygen, these products do not contain chemical ingredients, hydrogen peroxide or synthetic ingredients that may induce free radicals.



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