How to rejuvenate the cleavage

A fragile zone Cleavage is, like the hands, the first place that betrays the age of women. The skin around this area of the body is particularly thin and tends to wrinkle more easily. What is the cause? The skin around the neck area and on the cleavage contains very few sebaceous glands, which are responsible for naturally lubricating and protecting the skin. Hence, the skin will loosen quicker than facial skin for example. Aging results in skin refinement, veining …

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STEM CELLS DAY-NIGHT CREAM, by Oxygen Botanicals™


What is it? A unique, innovative cream filled with exclusive ingredients to reverse premature aging and shrink large pores, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This magical new formulation reduces the signs of aging, improving the skin’s texture, hydration, tone, firmness and overall quality at the same time. This cream also supplies much-needed oxygen to the skin, which prevents the build-up of keratinization and grants a more efficient circulation, for a healthier and younger looking skin. Why use pure oxygen? The oxygen …

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Spotlight on the Huber Motion Lab

Huber Motion Lab

The Huber Motion Lab (HML) is a new equipment representing the latest technology in offering multiple applications in order to improve physical abilities, while reshaping the silhouette and correcting posture. Accessible to all, it only takes a few minutes on the HML to feel the its benefits and to see a real improvement. Whatever your goals, one of the 400 built in exercises will surely enable you to develop a personalized program to ensure your achievement. Beauty application If you …

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Why Suffer to be Beautiful?

Hello everybody, Let me present myself. My name is Sylvie Lauzon. I work in the field of communications since around thirty years. Thanks to a TV program in which I participated, my path crossed that of Danièle Henkel. For the show who will soon be broadcasted on a Quebec major network, I trained to run 650 kilometers through Quebec with six other women. Mrs  Henkel and her team were generous enough to offer to each of us several endermologie treatments. …

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