Taking care of your body for the arrival of brighter days


With spring comes the cravings for renewal. One might think, amongst other things, of house cleaning, sorting out winter stuff, but also of returning to a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to get back in shape and get ready for the beautiful days ahead! To do that, you have to know how to take care of your body, both inside and out. Here are some practical tips you can implement as of right now.


1. Taking care of your body from the inside

Physical activity

First, think about sports. It is a good way to stay active and strengthen your body. Be active, but don’t over do it in the beginning and risk injuries, or you might not be keeping your healthy habits for long! Choosing activities that you love is of the utmost importance. Marathons or walking, combat sports or dance classes, crossfit or yoga, the key is to have fun while eliminating toxins.

Healthy eating habits

Everything we eat has an impact on our body for the simple reason that our cells use the food we consume to regenerate. In other words, we literally become what we eat. Keeping up with a healthy diet contributes to the beautification of the skin and keeps diseases away.

Hydrating yourself

Finally, we must think of simple things like properly hydrating the body. Water is a natural detoxifier that helps eliminate toxins and regulates the body temperature. It is recommended that a person drinks at least 1.5 liters of water per day to maintain a proper functioning body.


2. Taking care of your body thanks to specialized products

The spring season is passing us quickly and, in no time at all, summer will be knocking at our doors. From one season to the next, our bodies demand adapted care and we must be prepared for the various temperature changes.

An effective exfoliation

Throughout the year, it is necessary to get rid of your skin’s dead cells. Exfoliating your body once or twice a week will leave you with a cleaner and smoother skin. For a thorough exfoliation process, the Renaissance Glove is an effective tool that helps remove dead skin cells.

Hydrated skin

The winter’s cold attacks the skin and sensations of tightness are quickly felt when not hydrated properly. When milder temperatures come around, don’t lose those good habits of hydration. Skin cream adapted to all types of skins, such as those offered by Oxygen Botanicals, allow an intense and deep hydration without aggressing the skin.

A toned up body

When temperatures start to rise, we quickly think of trading our winter coats for something lighter that will show a bit more skin. To give you a younger-looking and firmer skin, Endermologie® sessions are recommended. Not only does it improve the elasticity of your skin, but it also smoothens its complexion by decreasing wrinkles and fine lines.
How do you plan on taking care of your body for summer’s arrival?


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