The Must-Know Rules for a Deep Exfoliation.


What is exfoliation? 

Exfoliation is the first step of a beauty routine. This crucial step aims to shed dead cells that migrate from the epidermis. Our skin renews itself every 4 to 6 weeks as the old cells step aside to new ones in a natural regeneration process. However, it is not uncommon that dead cells don’t flake away due to environmental external factors as pollution and cold weather. The exfoliation process allows skin oxygenation, unclogs pores, favors the cellular renewal and facilitates the absorption of cosmetic products as moisturizing cream, increasing their effectiveness.

When it comes to exfoliation, you have several choices that can be grouped in 2 categories. First is the use of a tool as a horsehair glove, a loofah sponge, crocheted cotton, a brush or the Renaissance Exfoliating GloveTM by Daniele Henkel Inc. The efficiency of these products comes from the friction they generate on the skin, scrubbing the dead cells off the epidermis.

The second exfoliation technique refers to the use of a cosmetic product as an exfoliating scrub or cream. Their efficiency comes from the chemical reaction they produce on the skin. The enzyme they contain dissolves dead cells that are trapped in the epidermis. The selection of an appropriate process is yours but we recommend to consult your beauty specialist if you hesitate.


To obtain the best results, we suggest to use the Renaissance GloveTM, by Daniele Henkel Inc. Inspired by the exfoliating gloves that are used in hammams since a very long time, this patented glove is made of natural spruce and eucalyptus fibers.

Efficient and easy to handle, the Renaissance GloveTM can be used every day with a shower gel to get a deep cleanse that softens the skin.

For a deep exfoliation, use it once a week with fresh water free from soap, oil or bath salts. This step should last around 8 minutes. Here are the instructions:

  • Immerse yourself in bath water, or shower under warm water for 5 or 10 minutes to open pores.
  • Stand up in the bathtub or turn off the shower before using your Renaissance GloveTM. Wring it out completely by rolling it from the bottom to the top.
  • Starting with your neck, move your hand slowly in an upward then downward stroke. Next, rub your arms, starting with an upward stroke before moving downward. Rub your chest area with circular motions. Rinse yourself after each step.
  • Rub your Renaissance GloveTM back and forth slowly on your stomach, back, buttocks and legs.


Warning: Avoid rubbing any area too vigorously, especially during the initial use. Do not use if skin is irritated or damaged.

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