Trust, a Rare Asset

**this is a translation of a message written by our president Danièle Henkel. To read the original version in french, click here.**

Dear friends, today is the 6th edition of the International Day of Trust and I had the honour to be appointed 2015 Business personality who reflects the most confidence to Quebecers! First, I would like to take a moment to thank you all for this important recognition! Please know that it is a reciprocal feeling because I have and always had a great deal of confidence in you, fellow citizens who welcomed me more than 20 years ago and who have been by my side since then!


May 3rd – International Day of Trust

Launched in Australia in 2011 by Vanessa Hall, also known as “The Trust Lady”, the International Day of Trust is held in Quebec since 2013, organized by L’Institut de la confiance dans les organisations (ICO). This day aims to draw the attention of the population to the importance of trust in our personal and professional lives. Driven by the same goal, I chose today to share with you my perception of this increasingly rare feeling: trust.

Trust, a Rare Asset!

These days, trust violations occur at a frenetic pace. On a daily basis, medias publish stories where this feeling of security is afflicted, whether it is by broken promises, by an economic scandal or by political dishonesty. But what about us, fellow citizens? Are we doing all in our power in order to consolidate the trust that is supposed to unite us, human beings?

Do we all not need somebody who, in a spirit of friendship, respect and affection, is able to speak the truth, at the risk of seeing us cry? Other than having this “friend” who butters us with compliments, spreads us with smiles and, afterwards, is delighted by our pain? In my humble opinion, my dear friends, we, as a society, are also responsible to restore its original purpose to this feeling we call trust!


My Perception of Trust

My mother taught me that it is impossible to please everybody and that if we had to spend our time trying to please at all cost, we would easily get lost. “Simply learn to respect yourself and to hang up to your values”, she would tell me.

To be appointed the pole position on the survey about credibility in the business world is for me a gift that consolidates the relationship I have with the values that drive me. We have to be RESPECTFUL and especially COURAGEOUS to speak HONESTLY, even when it is unpleasant, in order to build trust-based relationship, with oneself and with others! In my humble opinion, these values are the key components to the feeling of trust.

They say that I am transparent, unable to lie and fearless to speak the truth, even when it makes things more difficult. And believe me, it happens a lot! But, in my opinion, we all NEED someone able to tell us the real thing! This is why I often get thanked for my franchise by my counterparts because, too often, nobody ever spoke to them this way: with RESPECT, COURAGE AND HONESTY!

And you, my dear friends, do you have the courage to speak the truth?


“The opposite of truth is falsity: when it is held for true, it is called an error.” – Emmanuel Kant


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