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Must we still suffer to be beautiful or handsome? Can eating right preserve our wellbeing? Do seniors have to resign themselves to the aging process? Ritalin: Is this the only way to treat hyperactivity? Should we remain constrained by the legacy of a particular surgical procedure? Should we resign ourselves to sagging skin or persistent cellulite? Finding a harmonious body and a glowing complexion: Is it very expensive? The answer to all these questions is NO.

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Present in over 110 countries for more than 25 years, LPG is considered the industry leader in non-intrusive treatments, which are 100% natural in the fields of esthetics and anti-aging. Initially developed for the medical industry, LPG’s solutions meet and exceed the expectations of doctors …

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Renaissance™ Glove

Often imitated but never equaled, the Renaissance Glove is an all-natural product developed and manufactured exclusively by Danièle Henkel Enterprises. The Renaissance Glove owes its effectiveness to a unique fiber extracted from plant cellulose (eucalyptus and spruce). It perfectly removes all dead cells and promotes …

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Technical Support

A well-maintained unit is your best guarantee of success! Our expert technicians, trained by the brand partners we represent, are always available to meet your expectations in even the most urgent situations. In addition to interventions upon request, this service also includes annual preventive maintenance …

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Having trained over 3,000 professionals, LabScience, the principle training center of Daniele Henkel Enterprises for North America, offers both professional- and expert-level instruction. Each participant’s course work is validated by a diploma, recognized by the Quebec government, that certifies the level of knowledge and skills …

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As a professional, you probably use the services of your own bank or loan institution to finance your investment projects. However, be aware that we have relationships with financial firms that support the development of our clients’ businesses. These partners can often facilitate the acquisition …

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