Exfoliate yourself deeply with a few practical tips

Exfoliate yourself deeply with a few practical tips   What is exfoliation? Exfoliation is the first step in any beauty routine. This crucial step consists in removing the dead parts that detach from the epidermis. Our skin is renewed every 4 to 6 weeks, the old cells giving way to new ones during a process of natural regeneration. However, it is common for dead parts to accumulate on the epidermis due to factors external to our environment such as pollution …

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15 years, already !

15years-daniele-henkel JPG

November marked the 15th year anniversary of Henkel Enterprises Inc! What a journey… One of overcoming challenges and preparing to face many more to come… Daniele Henkel Enterprises have a multitude of ideas and projects for the upcoming years… and especially for this 15th year, which promises to be filled with promotions, surprises and new announcements … At Daniele Henkel, we feel festive and want to share this joyful feeling with you, starting with this new promotion: a 15% discount …

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7 tips to maximize sales around Christmas


We estimate that 20 % of your annual business revenues come during Christmas season. For that reason, you should prepare this event towards maximising your sales, taking advantage of this occasion to push your business forward. By following these 7 tips, you will see your sales skyrocket! Create a festive ambiance in your boutique Add garlands and mistletoe to show your clients that your centre takes extra care of its appearance and follows seasonal events all throughout the year. Do …

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LPG and breast cancer


1 in 8 women is affected by breast cancer. After dealing with the initial shock of the diagnosis, and following radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, the time comes to begin the healing of scars, both emotional and physical. This is when your physiotherapist or specialist comes in, to help with reconstruction and rehabilitation. Most people are unaware that the role of a physiotherapist is essential at this stage; it allows women to progressively reclaim their body. It’s also at this stage …

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LPG and the Olympic Games


The reputation of LPG® technology is well-established when it comes to connective tissue, mainly in regards to cellulite and scar treatment. However, many people are unaware of the countless virtues of lipomassageTM and its application in the sporting world. In France, LPG technology is viewed in many disciplines as an essential ally in performance research and injury prevention. Thus, many Olympic athletes at the London games take advantage of LPG treatments as part of their daily training, like Team Marseille …

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LPG and AFME, another success for LPG


Even though LPG, with their LipomassageTM and EndermoliftTM equipment, has demonstrated its effectiveness in the field of aesthetics (cellulite treatment, skin tightening, etc.), it’s with the medical community that they have earned their reputation. From the onset, doctors and from all backgrounds have been promoting the benefits of LPG science, and now the AFME (Association Française de Médecine Esthétique) has finally followed suit, behind organizations such as Health Canada and the FDA, and have approved the quality of LPG products. …

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More and more Doctors use LPG

LPG Aesthetic Medicine

Mechano-Stimulation is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience and testing. The action of the patented LPG treatment heads on the body and the face will promote connective and muscular tissue transformations for aesthetic and therapeutic applications. Also known as Endermologie®; natural, painless, effective and time-tested alternative when used as a standalone treatment and a complementary adjunct to other cosmetic treatments such as Radio-frequency, injectable or laser, which creates a more beautiful appearance by making the Body healthier. …

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Great Success at The Aesthetic Show

Daniele Henkel, Dr Brian Kinney and Linda Mahieddine

Daniele Henkel Corp and LPG were at the Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2012 as a Major Sponsor of the event. We presented a lecture on “Mechano-Stimulation: The Missing Link”, showing how the LPG technique improves the results of other technologies when combined. We also held a workshop entitled: “Mechano-Stimulation: Anti-Aging, body-Shaping and Fat Reduction”; the presentation was held by Dr Tess Mauricio a.k.a. “America’s favourite dermatologist” who works on a daily basis with LPG. Both of …

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You want to be the most beautiful on your wedding day? Apart from the hairstyle and makeup, it’s important to think about your silhouette. Going for a LPG ® treatment in preparation to the big event is a winning formula! Beautiful wedding photos that capture the magic of your special day don’t just happen – they take preparation! It goes without saying that in the days leading up to the ceremony, your hair must shine with a healthy luster, your …

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Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?

Henkel cover 077

With the arrival of the summer, most of us are eager for some time off. I’m the first one to acknowledge that a period like this is crucial for the body and the mind. “Summer sun for winter blues” holds especially true here in Quebec. But you should also take this time to think of your future. In my fifteen years as president of my company and now as a dragon on the TV show “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”, I …

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