Exfoliate yourself deeply with a few practical tips


Exfoliate yourself deeply with a few practical tips


What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the first step in any beauty routine. This crucial step consists in removing the dead parts that detach from the epidermis. Our skin is renewed every 4 to 6 weeks, the old cells giving way to new ones during a process of natural regeneration.

However, it is common for dead parts to accumulate on the epidermis due to factors external to our environment such as pollution and cold. Exfoliating will oxygenate the skin, release pores, promote cell renewal and help absorb cosmetic products (moisturizing creams and others), which will increase their effectiveness.

What are the options?

There are several options when it comes to exfoliation. These options can be categorized into two categories. The first is the use of a tool such as a horsehair glove, a Luffa sponge, a crocheted cotton, a brush or the Renaissance ™ glove by Daniele Henkel. These tools work through friction. It is by rubbing the skin with these that one can manage to dislodge the dead cells from the epidermis. The second is the use of a cosmetic product such as a scrub or by applying an exfoliating cream. These processes act chemically on the skin. Using enzymes, they dissolve dead cells that are stuck to the epidermis. The choice to use one process or the other is at your discretion. Consult your beauty specialist for more information.

The Exfoliating Renaissance Glove

Here we suggest you use Daniele Henkel’s Renaissance ™ Glove for optimal results. Inspired by the exfoliation gloves found in hammams for a long time, this patented glove is made from natural spruce and eucalyptus fibers. Its use is as effective as simple. You can use it every day with a shower gel, which provides an effective cleansing that softens the skin. For deep exfoliation, use it once a week with clear water free of soap, oil or bath salts. This phase should last about 8 minutes. Here’s the four-step procedure:

Relax in the bathtub or shower for 5 to 10 minutes so your body gets soaked in water and the pores of your skin are dilated.
Cut off the water from the shower or get up in the tub. Completely wring out your Renaissance ™ glove by rolling up and exfoliating.
Start with your neck by slowly moving back and forth, rub the arms in long vertical movements as well as the chest in circular motions. Rinse frequently.
Gently lower to the stomach, exfoliate the back, buttocks and legs. Smooth the skin back and forth.

Warning! During the first exfoliations, avoid rubbing too vigorously in the same place. Avoid doing so if your skin is irritated or if you have sores. Go gently in sensitive areas such as the belly and chest.


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