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Radiant complexion, body resculpting, elegant posture…

From simple exfoliation treatments to the most advanced techniques for the face and body, we provide solutions for aesthetic healthcare centers that rank with the best in the world of beauty, welfare and anti-aging.


Whether dealing with trauma, to intervene in a process after surgery, to take charge of scars and burns, or simply to improve the autonomy or well-being of their patients, massage therapists, chiropractors or physiotherapists can rely on Daniele Henkel Enterprises. Our solutions are validated by the international scientific community, as demonstrated in numerous studies and publications.


Our solutions fully meet the requirements of plastic surgeons, physicians and dermatologists. Developed in accordance with extensive research and medical studies, the equipment that we offer has often incorporated innovative procedures – as pre-or post-operative supplements, and even to replace intervening surgical processes altogether. The result? Consistently positive consensus from the international scientific community.


With one of the industry’s best economic growth rates, our anti-aging and non-surgical procedures are the subject of much envy. Our objective is to continue to offer the best solutions possible, and to thus provide entrepreneurs a wider range of services to support the creation and development of their healthcare facilities. The bottom line? We consider our services and solutions to be vital to our clients’ strategy for ensured evolution – and success!