The recent economic crisis has not diminished people’s enthusiasm for aesthetic care; quite the contrary… With an increase of more than 1200% over the last 10 years, this market remains one of the best growth areas in the entire North American healthcare treatment industry.

A well-advised entrepreneur will surely see the opportunities: helping men and women lose weight, preventing and reducing wrinkles, firming up the skin, restoring a healthy glow or elegant posture while provide comfort and confidence remain… These are services that are truly rewarding, meaningful and, above all, profitable.

The solutions offered by Daniele Henkel Enterprises are not limited solely to beauty, because even the most specialized of our techniques are applicable as well to therapeutic domains, sports, or simply the well-being of everyone, especially senior citizens…  Best of all, there continues to be a great market for the development of innovative products!


Which brands to choose? Which technologies? Which suppliers? We're asking these questions and, more importantly, we find the answers for you... We've travelled the globe and tested dozens of techniques so that we can offer you the best solutions in the world in each of their respective categories.

We have developed concepts, delivered as turn-key solutions, which will allow you to be immediately operational. Working with us, you have the assurance of having solutions that are efficient, safe and easy to use, all available under one roof. You also have access to our world-class training facility, including high-level technical service and marketing tools, all designed to help you launch your own healthcare treatment center. Our partnerships also enable us to offer you the best financing solutions available.

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A worldwide leader in the treatment of connective tissue issues for over 25 years, LPG offers 100% natural solutions for anti-aging, slimming, firming and cellulite treatment.

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Unique in design of its natural fiber, this exfoliation glove is the delight of thousands of women, men and adolescents, as well as professional hair removal clinicians, since it is also effective for the preventing or suppressing ingrown hairs.

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LabScience™ Training Center

We have trained over 3,000 professionals in North America alone at LabScience, the official training center of Daniele Henkel Enterprises for North America. LabScience is ranked among the best in the world, not only by the partners whose brands we represent, but also by customers across Canada and the United States.

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