Just as plastic surgeons have successfully integrated our techniques for interventions during pre- and post-operative treatments, it follows that the high demand for non-invasive procedures encourages the industry specialist to use these techniques instead of electing for exhaustive surgery.

Diminishing wrinkles, shaping the contours, treating obesity, cellulite or blemishes, of course …  But these techniques, validated by many scientific studies, are also extremely effective in the rehabilitative treatment of burns and scars, and for administering to more severe pathological needs. As a result, visual artists, dermatologists, specialists and generalists are now successfully integrating these techniques into their processes for prevention, treatment and cures.


The evidence is undeniable: Technology developed with the help of doctors and specialists of international renown, and validated by numerous scientific studies, is responding positively to the expectations and demands of customers and the medical industry for effective non-surgical treatments.

In addition, such treatments have sustainable qualities, i.e., a 1200% increase in demand over the last 10 years in North America! With these techniques, amazing opportunities are open to physicians who diversify and, paradoxically, who also specialize! These two advantages, while conducive to customer retention, also help physicians develop new customers by distinguishing them from the competition.

Furthermore, in a society whose customs, needs and demands are rapidly changing, this approach recognizes the importance of the expectations concerning the management of capital health/well-being and new developments in the field of prevention.

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While it first gained popularity for its aesthetic applications, the famous Cellu M6 was developed initially to meet both medical and therapeutic requirements. Present in many medical healthcare centers worldwide, LPG is also used in hospitals, clinics and burn trauma centers.

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LabScience™ Training Center

Having trained over 3,000 professionals, LabScience, the principle training center of Daniele Henkel Enterprises for North America, offers both professional- and expert-level instruction. Each participant’s course work is validated by a diploma, recognized by the Quebec government, that certifies the level of knowledge and skills attained.

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