Designed for the treatment of venous insufficiency, the techniques offered by Daniele Henkel Enterprises will extend the expertise of any massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist. They also offer a unique and exciting opportunity for therapists to adapt to the fast-growing demand for wellness, aesthetics and anti-aging treatments.

Our techniques are able to handle the toughest situations – lymphedema or rheumatism cases; post-operative procedures; accident- or sports-related injuries; scars or burns; or inclusively for rehabilitation or posturology. They can also help eliminate stress or fatigue, as caused, for example, by chronic back pain or excessive neck and back usage.


The effectiveness of the techniques we offer has been proven by more than 80 studies and 200 scientific publications. Based on a natural stimulation of connective tissue and deep back muscles, they are ideally suited for the field of rehabilitation or the treatment of injuries of any nature whatsoever. As a result, these techniques can open up new opportunities in wellness, aesthetics, anti-aging and sports training for all therapists.

These solutions offer an extraordinary growth opportunity to any healthcare center, not only for client retention but also for acquiring new customers looking for comprehensive care and anti-aging treatments (e.g., maintenance, posture, precision of movement, balance, etc.).  With these advanced technologies, the opportunities are promising and exciting – for the patient and the therapist alike.

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Over the past 25 years, the Cellu M6 by LPG has been a fixture in thousands of treatment centers worldwide. Considered a leader in the treatment of connective tissue, LPG offers 100% natural techniques based on the principle of mechano-stimulation, a mechanical stimulation performed on the surface of the skin that sends a signal deep into the cellular membrane.

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LabScience™ Training Center

Having trained over 3,000 professionals, LabScience, the principle training center of Daniele Henkel Enterprises for North America, offers both professional- and expert-level instruction. Each participant’s course work is validated by a diploma, recognized by the Quebec government, that certifies the level of knowledge and skills attained.

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