The speaker

Danièle Henkel puts her rich experience of life and entrepreneurship at the service of her audience in a personalized way. She passionately transmits the interpersonal skills and know-how that she has accumulated. Eloquent and generous, in a fair and touching tone, she instills the motivation necessary for professional and individual momentum and success.


Dare with confidence. Challenges and opportunities. Financing, development and support.

Inclusive entrepreneurship. Human resources management. Transformation of the labour market. Hiring a diverse workforce. Recognition of skills.

Impact entrepreneurship. Values & balance. Social mission. Governance & management. Empathetic leadership. Emotional intelligence.

Entrepreneurial skills. Measures of success. Know how to surround yourself & adapt. Creation & innovation.

« Danièle Henkel has been at the heart of my success. As a speaker, I learned from her words, her gestures, her inflections of voices that work in perfect synergy. She is an exceptional woman, generous, a passionate person who gives a little of herself every time. She knows how to listen. She challenged me on who I am, what I want, where I'm going. Thanks to her, I know myself better. Her intuition allows her to be able to read between the lines and get straight to the point. »

These companies were honored to have Danièle Henkel as a speaker

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