The woman

Danièle Henkel is in action. Always. On the paths she travels, she always looks for the crossroads where she will have the most positive impact. Human transformation is her true passion. She herself is an eternal student, with an extraordinary gift of helping others reach their full potential and regain self-confidence. 

This astounding lady radiates and makes all those who stand next to her shine.   Possessing a particularly strong emotional intelligence, she sees and understands situations from a different perspective, allowing new possibilities to flourish. Guided by her intuition, she chooses to go where she can bring greater solidarity and inclusiveness. 

If she has long sought the acceptance of her peers, today she has gained peace and serenity. Rooted, grateful, she finds refuge in a spirituality that brings her back to basics.

Her family remains her anchor. Her children and grandchildren are the ones for whom all her struggles for a more open and equitable society have meaning and scope. Through them, she wishes for us all to learn to live together in harmony. 

« Danièle Henkel is the singularity in universality »


Political and economic advisor to the U.S. Ambassador of Algeria for twelve years, Danièle Henkel immigrated to Quebec in the early 1990s with her mother, husband and four children. Six years later, she created the Renaissance Glove, the starting point of Danièle Henkel Enterprises. As a successfully passionate entrepreneur, Danièle Henkel avidly transmits the experience she has acquired over the years as a businesswoman, author, coach, strategic advisor, speaker and facilitator.

Entrepreneurship is the central pillar of wealth creation; it is also the start to an awareness of the collective responsibility we have towards humans and the planet.

Distinctions and Recognitions


Most Credible CEOs in Quebec, Institute of Credibility


Trusted Personalities of the Decade in Business, Institute of Trust in Organizations


Top 100 Most Influential Women in Canada from the Women’s Executive Network (WXN)


Co-chair of a Panel of Experts to advise the Honorable Mary NG, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises and of the Promotion of exports to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in Canada


Canadian Champion at the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi)


Medal of Honor from the National Assembly of Quebec


Knight of the National Order of Merit, French government


Medal of the National Assembly of Québec


Achievement Award – Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec


Laureate – Management Achievement Award from the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University


Active Internationally Entrepreuneur Award— Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec


Laureate – Businesswoman Award in 1999 (Innovation)

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Si Danièle Henkel écrit, c’est pour laisser son histoire et ses leçons de vie en héritage à ses enfants et petits-enfants.

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