The differences that bring us together (Plon, 2019)


“Having lived as a migrant, as an observer of Quebec and France, and avid world traveler allowed me to question the world and societies as they are. The varying perspectives on the way we see life and how we live it, based on the burning issues of the present day such as family, immigration, religion, secularism, culture, the distribution of wealth, education, etc. These are all questions that, considering my experience and observations, challenge me. This essay is proof of that, as is the answer.

In this book, instilled with frankness, humility, humor and, I think, common sense, I strive to treat without pretense the major issues that concern everyone, themes over which a truth emerges: That somewhere along the way, we have abandoned the essential, the human contact. And, to find it, a solution was illustrated by drawing on the customs, the culture and the habits of the different countries that I know well.. It’s up to you to read it, to see it, maybe to apply it. Because these differences that resemble us are also those that bring us together. D.H.